A downloadable game for Windows


Sinister is a short indie horror game made by me for a Halloween game jam. It was made in under a month, and for fun.


Graphics - Nebula Z

Music - Akuma Kira

Sounds - Nebula Z + Akuma Kira


Z - Interact/Continue
X - Skip text/close notes
Esc - Quit game


READ ME!.txt 596 bytes
Sinister: Game Jam Version 115 MB
Sinister - Post Jam Edition 151 MB


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mary good

What is the game engine?

I used clickteam fusion 2.5. If you click more information, you can see which engine the game is made on among other things.

nice job buddy!


A neat little concept with really good atmosphere and great work for a first game well done! Only problem is some spelling mistakes and a little bit of confusing writing.

I'm glad you enjoyed it.

is it fun?

I thought this was great! Good job. Totally unsettling. Music was wonderful. Such simple graphics but it did a good job of keeping me anxious throughout the whole thing. Nice job and if this is your first game then I'm really excited to see what else you can come up with. Nice one.

Thank you so much!